Personal Image Consultancy

We offer various Image Makeover or Personal Image Consultancy services that go well with your personal needs. We would enhance your appearance to enable your personality to be consistent and go well together with the individual, social and professional roles you have to play in your life.

A few hours of personal style evaluation and interactions with us in person are all that is needed. You have all the necessary characteristics to become a captivating personality. We are here to help you identify the real you as swiftly as possible with personal shopping & styling guidance, wardrobe evaluation as well as body and face shape evaluation backed with best solutions.

Our Image Makeover Services

Authentic Image Makeover

Number of Sessions: 1 to 2

Various parameters are needed to be worked out for an Authentic Image Makeover. Below we have listed out all that might be required for an individual to raise his/her personality standards.

Each one is carefully crafted to meet your aspirations and thrives to achieve the perfection it demands in everyday life. We study your preferences, likes, and dislikes and build your personality to tune-in with your true self.

Frustated to Fabulous

Number of Sessions: 3 to 4

We will help you to transform your personality in just 3-5 sessions. You will be enlightened to notice that these things have inherent values in confidence building.

The reasons behind the unknown frustrations will find no place in your life anymore. Things you cared less will be analyzed now. All the things in your life will be positioned at the perfect place. The topics mentioned below are carefully selected for discussions that will ReDefine you. You would turn out to be a fabulous personality and everybody’s first choice where ever you are present or interact with individuals as well as in the groups.

Wardrobe De-Cluttering

Number of Sessions: 3 to 4

So as the famous saying goes "We use 20% of the clothes, 80% of the times”. Isn’t it true. It majorly happens because we don’t plan and place the things in our wardrobe that can used properly.

Wardrobe decluttering saves space for clothes that work for you , your lifestyle & personal style, reduces the what to wear situation and most importantly the clutter free feel and look your wardrobe gives you a positive jumpstart.

In this session, we work with every garment and accessory that you have and apply the three R’s system of Retain, Revamp , Retire. We identify the gaps , create a “must have” list for items to buy that will double the number of outfits you can create. We also train you on how to organise the new decluttered wardrobe for maximum usability. It will be like Shopping in your wardrobe

Style Up

Number of Sessions: 3 to 4

This is a quick styling session for bring out that diva in you.

Your look and feel reflects your state of mind. Our experts will make you feel comfortable and relaxed in choosing the range of styles that are available for your disposal to get closer to identify the real you.

Executive Presence

Number of Sessions: 5

We help to develop a personality that is influential and help you to express yourself. Three sessions packed with different modules will make your life a commendable one.

These meetings are intended to give you the confidence to walk taller and connect with people on various occasions. Assistance from our experts will lift you to maintain poise that helps surmount the unforeseen.

Personal Shopping

Number of Sessions: Customised

In personal shopping experience - we assess your individual needs and advise you about the clothes and styles that best suits you.

If you are on Online Shopper, we train you to shop online with the the do’s & dont's of online shopping. We advise you about the clothes and styles that best suits you, give you a list of online stores not just in your country but international brands that deliver globally.

If you are Luxury Shopper, we understand your needs for an eclectic assortment of high fashion. So we begin with a brief analysis of your body shape, personal colouration, your lifestyle, brand preference, personal style, to help you invest in the right wardrobe.

We will provide you a One to One personal shopping session and will help pick your perfect wardrobe in just 2 days, whether it’s Dubai, HongKong or Singapore.

Corporate Workshops

Our best corporate image consultants work overtime to maximize your organization's impact, visual presence, and social behavior.

Get trained from some of the best corporate image consultants in Mumbai and Singapore.

Corporate Programs

Group Workshops

Our group workshops are a fantastic collaborative learning experience in Image Makeover.The groups are usually kept at a size small enough to ensure individual attention and big enough for participants to leverage from each others experience and perspective.

Image Consultancy Workshops

Educational Workshops

We offer various value-added workshops to build the character of students, smartly deal with imparting good manners for kids as well as indulging etiquette for kids in schools and colleges for their better tomorrow

Workshops for Educational Institutions