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Image Consulting has turned to be the hottest trend all over the globe. People from different businesses, professions, and even homemakers are trying to get the nearby Image Consulting services to transform the way they look and feel in their daily life.

As per global statistics by 2020, the business competition would be at its peak. So, individuals will look for an Image Consultant to boost their lives and a professional career. These facts offer promising prospects to take up Image Consulting as a profession.

Why get trained with us

Imagedge Academy in association with Image Innovators has launched Image consulting courses in Singapore and Mumbai (India)

Imagedge Academy offers business enablement training, support with coaching and consulting material along with resource libraries through its centers in India (Mumbai) and Singapore.

With years of individual training experience and involvement of trainers having flourishing businesses related to this domain, you can rest secure of being with competent hands during your training.

  • Our courses and training are approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)
  • While training you get precise mentoring, access to webinars and way into online styling and colour programs
  • For colour program, you get training manual and other applicable colour tools
  • For style program, you get fitting guides, style kits and access to style measurement tools
How many Image Consultants have we trained ?

Image innovators our curriculum partner has trained 58 students from 6 countries in last two years.

Jainee Gandhi has trained more than 100+ image consultants in the past and has via her masterclass for image consultants coached more than 50 image consultants for developing their own practice in India.

How is this course different from others providing Image Consultant Courses ?

Our course is AICI certified and gives you the certified points for furthers certification with AICI.

We believe in providing best in class value and knowledge – our intent is to provide the best training with the most relevant global content, the best of the material and tools and via experienced and senior accredited trainers that have a mix of international and local outlook. There are no other players in the region who can provide all of the above.

Our image consulting course is a niche one that is truly international and global in the content, the material and its outlook. It is a curriculum that has been proven to work in various countries across the globe.

Unlike other service providers, we believe that a strong emphasis has to be on trainers who will impart the training. Our trainers are Certified Image professionals (CIPs) from AICI – the largest and the oldest image consultant body in the world. The trainers are seniors in their industry having groomed numerous trainers in the industry through the last few years.

Our trainings are supported by not just training manual but with colour flags, fitting guides, style kits and access to style measurement tools.

Our trainings are conducted in the most comfortable and best in class hotels to ensure that you as participants are at utmost ease and can concentrate on the course. Our training is focused to allow you a quick learning in the fastest possible manner to allow you to get off the blocks quickly and start your own practice.

In addition to the classroom training we provide online training support with access to various modules, videos and training tools.

Who can become an Image Consultant ?

There is a no restriction on who can become an Image Consultant. Still, you need some training to master the field of Image Consulting. One needs to be conversant in three core competencies of this business.

Once accurately trained, you need to have a company name as an Image Consultant. A website and active social media marketing always help boost your brand name.

  • Industrial Knowledge – A methodical knowledge of all facets of image consulting
  • Professional Maturity – Proficiency to apply learned skills to either an individual or a group and be able to display substantial results
  • Business Execution –Experience in the management phases of running a corporate business

A certification from Imagedge Academy & Image Innovatores will assist you to deal with building an Image consulting business with full-fledged training and all other needed guidance.

Are your Trainers Certified ?

We believe that a strong emphasis has to be on trainers who will impart the training. The trainers for the course are Certified Image professionals (CIPs) from AICI – the largest and the oldest image consultant body in the world. The trainers are seniors in their industry having groomed numerous trainers in the industry through the last few years.

Do you offer Online Course or only Classroom Training ?

We offer Image consulting courses online. The online course is in developing stage. Everyone who attends our classroom training will have access to all of the modules, videos and training tools that will be created.

How many students do you take per batch ?

We intend to take students up to 10 for every batch, for it to be highly impactful. However, if you want to form your own group/batch and request special dates to start the batch we need a minimum of 5 students.

Are your Image consultant Courses Internationally Certified ?

Yes, the courses are certified and recognized by our professional body the Association of Image Consultants International ( Our courses are CEU certified and are recognized when you apply for your professional certification with AICI.

Can I expect post course assistance ?

This is one of the aspects of Image Innovators ‘Mastering the Basics of Image Consultancy’ course that thrills participants. Each participant receives enough training material and business resources to fill a small suitcase (which we also give you) – easily enough to start their business immediately following training. After the ‘Mastering the Basics of Image Consultancy, we help each new consultant by setting post course assignments in both colour and style. These assignments are designed to weed out any misunderstandings or weak areas to ensure you become a competent and confident image practitioner. We also mentor students via email, Skype and phone call, and our friendly staff is also always ready to see what they can do to assist you. We also have a full-time Consultant Manager who is there to help answer your questions.

In addition, all consultants receive access to live fortnightly webinars which are also recorded so you can watch again later, tech tips to update you on what the latest technical tools that are about and regular updates to keep them up-to-date with what is going on in the world of image.

Lastly, since this course is going to be via Imagedge academy, in addition to the support from Image Innovators, we are pleased to give you a 1-year free guidance for your queries in setting up your business in India.

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