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An image consultant helps individuals present the best possible image to the world by advising them on their wardrobe, hair, makeup, body language, etiquette, and communication skills.

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Image Consultant Services

Maximize your impact, visual presence, and social behavior with our special personal, group and corporate image consultant programs. Delivered by our best image consultants.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about style, fashion and a perfect image makeover. Written by Jainee Gandhi herself, this blog aims to empower you with the knowledge of fashion and styling.

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Indie Attire

The Indian touch !!

The Indie Attire is a concept based clothing line that aims to bring Indian wear back to Corporates in a chic and affordable manner.

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Style Fix

Your personal stylist !!

Access our mobile app for any queries related to clothes, accessories, fashion, styling, wardrobe and any image makeover matters.

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